How to make your flowers to last longer

The team at Cabbages Flowers love designing the prettiest flower arrangements for you and your loved ones to enjoy.  We source our flowers and foliages from the best growers and wholesalers to ensure you receive the freshest and best quality.

You can ensure your flowers last longer with a bit of love, care and these easy tips!


  • Start with a clean vase – we suggest washing your vase in bleach or white vinegar and cold water to kill any germs
  • Fill with cool, clean water only
  • Change the water and give your vase a rinse every 1-2 days, or as soon as it looks a bit cloudy or dirty
  • Snip the stems of your flowers every couple of days to help them drink more water
  • Flowers like a nice cool environment.  Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and indoor heaters.  Warmer air will shorten their lifespan

Remove any dead flowers or foliages from your arrangements so that they don’t pass any bacteria onto the other flowers.

Another important trick is to keep your flower arrangement away from any fruit or vegetables.  The longevity of your flowers can be shortened by placing it near a fruitbowl for example, as ripening fruit releases small amounts of ethylene gas.


  • Flowers arranged into an oasis foam base just need a bit of water each day to keep the stems wet
  • Find a gap in the foam and feel to see if the foam is wet.
  • Pour a little water in every day so the stems have plenty of water to drink from
  • Keep your arrangement away from heaters and direct sunlight.  They love a nice cool spot!