WINTER FLOWERS! What’s in season?

Cold weather doesn’t mean no flowers! There are so many gorgeous colours and scents that come through from our growers and suppliers over winter, you are just as spoilt for choice as you would be in Spring or Summer!  Of course towards the end of winter there are plenty of bulb varieties to choose from, including daffodils, earlicheer and hyacinth.

Here are a few others we always have in store over winter.

Winter brings out the best variety of colours in tulips! And there are so many different types of tulips to look out for – we love parrot tulips for their two-toned colours. And our favourite frilly pink tulips (seen above!) always get us excited!

Did you know, tulips are one of the few flowers that keep growing in height after they’ve been picked. They also bend and follow sunlight, so you can manipulate their shape by turning your vase. We send our tulips out really tight budded so that you can enjoy them all through the opening process. Watch them grow and their colour burst open.

With our unique name, we often get asked if we actually sell cabbages…and during winter we can say yes! Ornamental kale is part of the same family as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. We don’t suggest you eat our kale though, ours are grown for their looks not their taste.

We often use kale as a focal flower in our arrangements and they are very hardy. The stems do develop a pretty strong smell (actually its more of a stink!) if the water isn’t replaced regularly. We suggest changing the water daily and swishing your vase with a bit of bleach to get rid of the bacteria.

The strong scent filling our shop during winter is unmistakably stock flowers! We love their ruffly petals that come in the most beautiful range of colours – soft white, blush, and peach through to bright purple and hot pink mean there is a colour to suit every occasion.

These are another flower that need regular water changes to keep their water clean and fresh!  But they are worth the effort for their pretty floral scent.