Hey Hydrangea!

When big fluffy heads of hydrangea begin to appear, you know summer has begun.

Growers are producing so many different varieties with different shape heads and petals.  Our favourites include mophead and popcorn hydrangea.

We are also spoilt for choice in colours as the season changes.  Pretty marshmallow tones of white, blush pink, lilac and blue start things off in November, with hot pink and bright purples available in the midst of summer.  Then as Autumn approaches we see richer greens, burgundies and reds, which all dry beautifully (see tips below).

All these colours mean so many different palettes alongside other flowers, and their huge heads are great value for money.  A big vase filled with just hydrangea is a beautiful centrepiece on your table at home!

How to care for these summer pretties?

Hydangea flowers LOVE to keep hydrated, so keep the water in your vase full and make sure they don’t dry out. Snip stems every couple of days at an angle to help them drink up.

Hydrangea is one of the only flowers who drink through their petals.  Use a spray bottle to mist the flower heads each day, and if they start to look a little droopy give them a bath – fill your sink or a bucket with cool, clean water and submerge the flowers in the water for 15-20 minutes.  Then snip the stems and pop them back in their vase.

Keen to enjoy your hydrangea once the season has ended?  Strip off all the leaves from the stems and arrange in a vase to dry out (if stems are weak, hang them upside down to dry).