Why red roses cost more at Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day is all about the red rose, and we know – they’re expensive!  We try to keep our prices down as much as possible, but we also want to ensure your loved one gets the BEST quality.  We thought it was worth sharing some of the reasons for the higher price in roses this time of year.

The extra work involved with red roses begins with the grower, who put so much into their crops to ensure roses are ready right on time for the week of Valentine’s Day.  So many variables are involved with a flower blooming, and growers have become experts in producing them at exactly the right time.  This means cutting back their plants and halting all production for a period of time, so they will rebud right on schedule.

Once this happens, extra labour is called in to harvest, process, package and get the roses delivered safely to wholesalers and florists.  So the costs of stopping their usual production and then adding extra labour onto their team is added onto their pricing.

Once the flowers reach lucky florists like us, hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of stems are unpacked, prepared, stored, arranged, wrapped and then sold onto customers. 

Valentine’s Day is usually a florist’s busiest single day, so this mass activity requires a LOT of extra people working, with most staff doing overtime.  The team at Cabbages Flowers work late multiple nights in the lead up to the big day to ensure everyone’s orders are ready to be picked up or delivered smoothly – its hard work but we love it!  We run on adrenaline, coffee, sugar and really loud Spotify playlists.  Plus we LOVE LOVE!

So we came up with a few tips to share with you to avoid breaking your budget this Valentine’s Day…

The first bit of advice is to PREORDER!  We can’t encourage this enough – it means we can put together just what you had in mind, and you’re not running in on the day to choose from what we have left after all our orders have gone out.

You get what you pay for!  Lower price red roses mean lower quality – they are usually shorter and thinner stems, and may not last as long.  Be sure you are comparing like roses when you are comparing prices.

Ask for a mixed flower bunch or arrangement to get more for your budget.  Summer has so many other flowers looking absolutely amazing, so go for a mix of what’s in season.

Check out our online store for all your Valentine’s Day love, and send someone special a bit of floral sparkle!