We love peonies!

Peony season creates a lot of talk in the floristry world – we all get VERY excited when the growers start calling to say they are ready!

The reason for this is because they only grow here in Australia for a very short period of time (late October to mid-December).  Unlike some other flower types they cannot be forced to appear at any other time of the year (unless they’re imported from overseas when their season is in).

The extra-super-special thing we love about peonies is that Tasmania has the PERFECT climate for growing them!  They are originally native to Asia, Europe and North America, but they love cool climates with cold winters, which helps trigger the flower bud to develop.  Our local farmers do an amazing job of growing the most amazing varieties which are in demand all over the world.

Peonies are the perfect flower to buy en masse for yourself or a loved one as a treat.  Starting off as a small, fairly unremarkable ball, their heads unfurl to reveal layers of fluffy petals, some with a beautiful perfume often used in candles and perfumes!  There are plenty of brides who still plan their weddings for peony season.  A straight bunch of giant peonies always stands out in a room and should last at least a week, usually longer.

Here are some tips on choosing the best peonies, and how to help them last longer at home.

  • Choose peonies with closed but soft buds.  If they are starting to show a few petals it means they are a bout to start opening!  Avoid one that are very hard and marble shape.
  • Keep them in a cold spot, away from sunlight.  Peonies will blow open very quickly in a warm, sunny room!
  • Ensure your vase is full of fresh, cool water.  Peonies are BIG drinkers and need plenty of water.  Change every other day and give the stems a snip at an angle.
  • Most florists sell herbaceous perennial peonies, which will last a lot longer than a tree peony.