Hey Tiger Chocolate


Chocolates that taste amazing and look so pretty!  Choose from unique flavour combinations with fun packaging.  Handmade in Melbourne, Hey Tiger chocolate is ethically sourced.

Best Mates
Crunchy coconut and caramelised popcorn in smooth milk chocolate

Glitter Kitten
White chocolate with birthday cake crumb and rainbow sprinkles

Game Changer
Whipped hazlenut butter and dark chocolate

The Weekend
Dark milk, a hint of caramel and the crunch of cracker crumb.

Summer in the City
Whipped hazelnut butter and dark chocolate

All the Memories
Smooth  dark chocolate mixed with creamy peanut butter that melts in your mouth! Topped off with freeze-dried raspberry

We deliver all over Hobart, Monday to Saturday.
All orders before 12pm can have same day delivery (excludes Saturdays).
No deliveries Sunday

For any orders outside the Hobart area (see list here) we just need you to give us a call so we can organise for you!



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