Keeping clean at Cabbages – COVID-19 Coronavirus

We are trying not to get too swept up in the hype but just in case things get serious we are starting some extra hygiene practices in our little shop…so if things do get a bit crazy it will be second nature to us all!

Here’s where we are at:

We encourage you to order online via our website and have your order delivered in our little flower van. Or you can select pickup from our store so you can walk in, grab your order then walk straight back out again-limited contact! Same goes for phone calls, hit us up! 📞

Our delivery driver is going to start practising contactless deliveries. He won’t be coming through your front doors (kind of weird anyway right?).  he will just knock and leave them on the doorstep. And he won’t go past any workplace reception desks. We will make sure your flowers safely arrive to your loved one, we just want to ensure we all keep a bit of distance from each other.

In store we are sanitising all regularly used surfaces hourly. We’ve set ourselves a little alarm to disinfect eftpos, door handles, pens, scissors etc.

We have a tiny little shop and workspace and as a result got pretty used to sharing….like everything. So now we each have our own little work pack we bring each day with our own apron, snips, cutters, calculators, pens, etc that are clearly marked and we are wiping off regularly. And we are all singing together to make regular hand washing a fun habit!

That little cup of pens on our counter….it’s gone for now. Our complementary cards are still available for you to take with you, we just encourage you to write on in your car or at home with your own fancy pen.

If there’s anything we can do to help the elderly or isolated please let us know, we are happy to help xx